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By Kim Thompson-Pinder

31 Productivity Hacks For The Busy Entrepreneur

Created for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, MLM’ers or Anyone That works From Home

Do you struggle to find time to accomplish everything you need to do for your business while working at home? Do you struggle to complete your to-do list because you are getting distracted? What if there were ways to get around that? Well, there are and that is 31 Productivity Hacks teaches you.

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Canadian Best Selling Author

Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim started out her writing career at age 7 by being told by her teacher that she shouldn’t write anymore. Those words haunted her for over 30 years until she decided that it didn’t matter what someone else said, she needed to live her dream. In five years she became an author of over 5 books, then a ghostwriter to owning her own publishing company. It is just proof, that nothing can stop your dream if you work hard enough on it.


These actions will be the simplest, hardest things you will ever do.

Simple, because these actions are not hard to do. Hard, because training yourself to do them all the time is going to cost you.

– Kim Thompson-Pinder, 31 Productivity Hacks