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Can I confess to you? For years I was the Queen of Procrastination. In fact, I was so good at it that I could come up with incredible, entirely, believable excuses as to why I didn’t get things done.

But it was killing all my hopes and dreams.

I wanted to be successful; I wanted to achieve things that very few other people did…

But as long as procrastination was my best friend that wasn’t going to happen.

So, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life.

I broke up with procrastination, and he didn’t like it and fought me tooth and nail to stay in my life.

It was a battle, and there were days I won and days I lost.

So how did I get rid of him for good?

  1. I recognized him for who he was. The enemy of everything I wanted in this life.
  2. I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to be that person anymore.
  3. I made realistic goals with daily actionable steps instead of grandiose dreams
  4. I started out small by doing one thing each day that I procrastinated doing the most.
  5. I prayed for strength A LOT!!!
  6. I started recognizing my negative thought patterns and changed them.
  7. I stopped and looked at each choice I was making and weighed the consequences of them. This one alone really motivated me to start taking more action.

Over the course of time, I also came to realize that one of the main reasons why I procrastinated was fear. I was afraid that if I tried and failed it would prove what I truly thought about myself and that I was a failure.


Here is what I learned as I started to take more and more action.

– Action brings results

– Failure at something doesn’t mean that I am a failure, only that I need to learn more.

– That I can succeed at things.

Can I say that I have reached all my goals and dreams yet?


But I am a whole lot closer now than I was five years ago, and I have reached some of them and one of them was YOU.

You see, I wanted to help people become the very best entrepreneurs they could be and to make a difference in their lives. When you read my articles, you help me reach my goal, and I want to say thanks.

Here is one other thing I did, and that is I made myself accountable to other people to accomplish my goals. They had the right at any time to check in on me and see if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Talk about motivation. I knew they would ask me, and I hated not having anything to show for it, so I forced myself to do things, so I would look good.

Now though, I find I want to do things, and when I procrastinate for too long it eats at me, and I have to get up and do it.

I hope this blog post has motivated you to give up procrastination for good. Here is another thing I learned about procrastination, he showed me areas I was not good at. I came to realize that many of the things that I keep putting off doing were things that I struggled to do at all, let alone well.

I made the decision to stop working on things that I was not good at and took up time that could be spent making money, and hand them off to someone who loved doing it and I could pay less than what I was making, and we are both happy. My business took off when I could focus on my strengths instead of trying to bolster my weaknesses.

Is that you when it comes to writing? Do you stare at a blank page and have no idea what to write? Do you know that it is time for you to have your own book to position you as the authority you are, but your first thought is, “I can barely write an article let alone a book.” If this is you then you need to do what most professionals have done, hire someone who knows how to write a book and collaborate with them.

The professionals I work with have strong, powerful, messages they want to share with the world but don’t know how to get it down on paper. That is where I and my team at RTI Publishing come in. We know how to take your words and make a book that you are proud to present as your own.

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