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Are Your Tired of Trying To Grow Your Business the Hard Way?

What if you can have potential clients coming to you practically begging to do business with you? How would that feel? Amazing, of course!

But is it possible for the average entrepreneur or professional? Yes, it is when you know the secret. Are you ready to find out what it is? Become an expert in your niche.

WAIT! I am not an expert.

Yes, you are and it is time that the world knew it! There is something that you know, that your potential clients need and that makes you an expert.  It is not hard to let the world see your expertise, once you incorporate these easy to learn skills that will take you obscurity to well-known, sought-after authority. Plus, when you add the secret ingredient of becoming an author, your business will explode.

And Kim Thompson-Pinder can teach you how.


Kim Thompson-Pinder has written over fifty books for herself and her clients. As part of her services, she teaches them how to use their book to skyrocket their business. She has also spent over 20 years generating thousands of leads for her business and then converted many of them into customers and clients and wants to teach you how to do the same.




  • How to generate leads at networking events
  • How to use your book to fill your workshops and events
  • How to use your book to position you as an expert in your niche
  • How to generate leads offline in many different situations
  • How to generate leads online
  • How to generate leads using social media
  • How to create a funnel using your book
  • How to get speaking engagements
  • How to get on radio and podcasts
  • How to use your book at events to generate a massive amount of leads

Not an author yet?

You will learn an easy way to become one.

Price Goes Up To $127 on Monday, February 25, 7am








Special Bonus: All Who Attend The Course Will Receive A Print Copy of Kim’s Book 31 Productivity Hacks For The Busy Entrepreneur FREE!

This course is LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE ONLY, as Kim will be working with you personally to create an action plan. Once 20 people is reached, the shopping cart will automatically be turned off.