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Is this your dream as a professional? To post one piece of content that becomes so popular that thousands of clients come pounding on your door wanting to hand you money? I am pretty sure that all of us have had that dream at least once. I know that I have.

Is it realistic? Of course not, but it is fun to dream, isn’t it?

So, what should your content on LinkedIn do? Let’s look at 6 of them.


 1.  Position You As The Authority In Your Niche 

When you post great content on LinkedIn that helps your client solve a problem that they are facing, their opinion of you rises. It is a subtle way of positioning yourself. If you do it enough, they start to remember you, and when that happens, you now have a warm lead to work with, and they are much easier to convert.

2.  Creates Relationship

Prospecting in today’s economy is based on relationship. People will pay money to work with those that they know, like and trust. Your content is a great way to start that relationship. When they read what you have written, and they emotionally resonate with you, they feel connected to you, and when you approach them about working together, they are more receptive than a cold lead.

3. Reaches Out To Potential Clients Without You Doing Anything 

When your content is well written and speaks to your target market, it will get liked and shared. You never know when that one article or post will reach your next superstar client. That is one of the amazing things about social media, having people contact you out of the blue because of the connection someone felt from your content.

4.  Introduce Your Product & Services

Your content is a great way to introduce your clients and potential customers to your product & services in a non-salesy way. They are just part of the article. Many times, professionals find that hard to incorporate this concept into an article and feel guilty about doing it. If that is you, then consider having a ghostwriter like myself, either write it for you or get them to revise your article with natural sounding marketing messages.

Did you see what I just did? I used something that professionals have problems with and incorporated into the article that this is something I do. I planted a seed that will grow over time. It is natural sounding and is helpful.

Now, I love to reward professionals for reading my content. If you would like me to review one of your articles and add a natural sounding marketing to it for free, please message me here or on LinkedIn, and I would be happy to help you.

5.  Sets You Apart From Others 

Have you ever heard of the sea of sameness? If you haven’t, you are probably a part of it. If you want others to pick you above the next personal or professional coach, real estate agent, salesperson or freelancer, then you have to stand out. Your content is one of the best ways to do that. When a person checks your LinkedIn profile, and they see lots of good quality posts, articles and videos, with likes and shares, you will instantly rise above someone who just has a profile.

If you show you care by providing valuable content, your target market will recognize your capabilities and your excellence and will want to hire you. Most people even professionals, do not have the determination, time or ambition to produce content continually. Those who do, get rewarded.

6.  Get Them To Take The First Step 

If you can get a person to take one, small action step, over time you can get them to take bigger and bigger ones. When someone makes a commitment, and takes action on it, no matter how small it is, it creates a connection of trust. Your brain does a lot, and gets things done by creating paths of least resistance. The easier something is, the more your mind likes it. When your brain finds something it likes, it sticks to it.

So how does this apply to your content? Simply this. If someone is liking and sharing your content, it means that they like and trust you. So, when you talk to a potential client about hiring you, they will choose you over others because the mind does not have to think hard about it. They already have seen your worth, and you are the easy choice, even if you are charging more than others.


The Best Way To Achieve Results 

There is one key thing you must have with your content, and that is CONSISTENCY. Without it, you will have no results. If you are only posting periodically then you might as well stop. You are wasting your time.

At the minimum you need to create and post content once a week. If you don’t have time to do that then either use other forms of marketing to get clients or hire a ghostwriter that you can work with to get them done. If you want to make sure your voice comes across in the article, then either record your thoughts or have the ghostwriter interview you and then they can use that to create the post.

In my next article, I am going to be talking about how weak language both verbally and written can cause you to lose potential clients.