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You know that you need to create great content if you want to position yourself as a professional in your field and gain traction on social media, primarily LinkedIn.




If you haven’t written for a while, it can be challenging to get back into the writing groove. You decide that you want to start again, and you open up your word processor or notebook, and five minutes later you are still staring at a blank screen. You have writer’s block. After a minute or two more, you decide that you don’t have time for this and go on to something else. We have all done it including me, and I am a writer!


So how do you get yourself out of a writing funk? Let’s look at few different ways.


  1. Read Books and Posts from Other Influencers

As you read, ideas will start to pop into your head on what you read. Create an article about it. Write about why you agree or disagree with the author and what you suggest that will help your clients and potential customers overcome a problem that they are facing.


  1. Do What Writers Do

Ghostwriters don’t have time for writer’s block. When it happens they need to resolve it quickly and how do they do that? They keep lists of ideas, sentence starters and thought provokers that they can quickly reference, to get their brains moving again.


Here are 15 ideas that you can use to get your brain going for your next article.


* How to articles

Pick your client’s most pressing problem that they have and provide a simple solution to it.


* Case study articles

Delve deeply into how a person or a company were able to solve issues they were having


* Definition articles

This works great in the tech world where there is jargon that the average person does not understand.


* Solve a problem articles

This is where you pick a problem and go in depth to what it is, how it came to be and what to do to resolve it.


* Inspirational articles

Tell success stories of people who have overcome great obstacles.


* Personal experience article

Talk about a time that you struggled and what you did to fix it.


* Rant article

Find something that you are angry about and express why you feel that way.


* Talk about your favourite quote

Pick a quote that has helped you and explain why


* Resource article

Create a list of resources that will help your clients and customers


* People to follow post

Do you have a list of go to people that make a difference? Share it


* Best of past articles

Do a compilation of previous articles you have done in the past, with links to them. Great way to refresh older material, without a lot of writing


* What if article

Think of a scenario your target market might be facing and write a ‘what if’ article about it.


* Debate article

Find something controversial, pick a side and write about it.


* Trending Article

Find something that is trending right now and talk about why you think it is good or not good.


* Challenge article

Challenge your readers to take action on something that has been holding them back.


  1. Ask Your Followers What They Want to Know About 

I was making up a list of ideas for future articles, and I didn’t have as many as I wanted, so I reached out to some friends on LinkedIn. This article is the result of Larry Levine’s idea. Thanks so much for the input and I hope that you enjoy this article.


  1. Get Someone Else to Write It for You

Even though you know that you need to create content, the truth might be that you are not that great of a writer and that is OK. If you were meant to be a writer that is what you would be doing instead of the excellent professional, coach, speaker, salesperson you are. So, stop trying to be something you aren’t and focus in on what you excel at and leave the writing to someone else.


There are so many writers like myself, who love the written word and would be thrilled to help you create engaging content that is in your voice. Are you interested in how it all works? Great. Here is what I would like to do for you. Message me here on LinkedIn and let’s have a conversation. I promise you by the end of it; I will help you come up with some article ideas that will resonate with your target market.


Creating content doesn’t have to be hard. Use the ideas above t get your creative juices flowing. I suggest that you take a few hours and write up 2 or 3 articles to get ahead of the game and start you on your route to consistent posting.