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Cheryl works hard on her LinkedIn content. She spends time researching what is popular, she answers her client’s most pressing problems, and she writes in a way that moves people. Every time she posts an article, she gets tons of likes and shares.




She has never gotten one new customer from it, and she is frustrated and wants to quit. Not one person has contacted her to inquire about working with her. She spends so much time on them with the goal of using them as a prospecting goal. She has no problems sharing value with her audience, but is it wrong to expect business growth in return?


She doesn’t know what to do? Should she continue? These articles take up a lot of time that she could be using to prospect in different ways to grow her coaching business. She keeps debating with herself because she loves writing, but if something doesn’t change soon…


Do you feel that way about your content? You were taught that if you provide value and produce good content that people would come to you, instead of you going to them, but when you post, you get no results. Were the experts lying to you?


No, they weren’t.


Then how come your articles aren’t producing the results you want? Some of the reasons might include:


* You are not picking the right material that resonates with your target market

* You are not double-checking your work for grammar, spelling mistakes, typos, and awkward wording, that make you look unprofessional.

* Your content is too long and rambles or too short and doesn’t provide enough value

* You are using weak language. (You can check out my article on that here.)


But that is not what I want to focus in on today. What I do want to address is the big one that everyone is afraid to talk about, and that is…


Your Call To Action (CTA)


Yes, I used those dreaded words. First, let’s address the main issue I see. As a writer and editor, I get the opportunity to read my client’s articles before they are posted online. Most times, they are well-written and provide excellent value,




There is no call to action at all.


Why don’t people put in calls to action? Because they are afraid of coming off too strong or pushy. What they don’t realize is that with no call to action, people don’t think about them at all. I love @Donald Miller says in his book Building A Story Brand about CTA’s.


“When we don’t ask clearly for the sale, the customer senses weakness. They sense we’re asking for charity rather than to change their lives. Customers aren’t looking for brands that are filled with doubt and want affirmation; they’re looking for brands that have solutions to their problems.”


If you want your content to produce results, you must have a CTA in it.


“But what if I come across as pushy?” Unless, your content is one long sales letter, where every paragraph is ‘buy my product,’ you will not come across as pushy but confident. Inserting one to two natural-sounding marketing messages into your articles gives potential customers and clients the opportunity to learn more about you and take the next step. If this is something that you struggle with, I would love to help you. Message me here on LinkedIn, and I will gladly assess one of your articles for free and give you some suggestions on how you can add some natural sounding CTA’s to it.


What Types of CTA’s Can You Use


There are two main types, soft and direct. Soft CTA’s are an indirect way of getting someone to take the next step. It is a way of building trust by providing additional information and value before asking for the sale.


They can include things like links back to previously published materials, your profile, or any books that you have written. (If you are not a published author yet, then you are missing out on the best piece of content you can use to generate leads and position yourself as an authority. Contact me here on LinkedIn and let me help you make your dream a reality.)


A direct CTA is one where the person either connects with you directly or is willing to leave their information on a landing page or in a message for you to contact them. You make it clear that you are looking to develop a strong business relationship by providing something of value, that leads to you getting a sale and your client having their goals reached.


Which one should you use? Both. I know that this may make you feel uncomfortable, but if you want your content to produce results, then you must use direct CTA’s. The best way to get there is to start with soft CTA’s. Get used to using them and then begin adding direct ones. Over time as you do it consistently, you will start to have people contact you if what you offer them meets their needs.


So, what are you waiting for? Get out and get results!