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For many years I thought that only a few select people could become successful and that I wasn’t special enough. That’s why at best I could produce average to high average results, but never anything truly amazing. Have you ever thought that way? That only a select few could make it, and you are not on that list. If you have, then I have good news for you.  


That is a complete and total lie from the pit of hell meant to keep you from achieving your true destiny. Sorry for being so blunt, but I truly believe this and want to see others set free from it. 


Being a successful coach, freelancer, real estate agent or solopreneur does take time, effort and skill but those are things that you either have, can learn or you can create. The sweet thing is as you plan and take action over time momentum kicks in and things become a lot easier. 


So, what is momentum anyway? Is it a magical force? Some say it is, but really no. Is it what people call fate? What will be will be? Definitely not. Is it reserved for only a select few? Absolutely not. Then what is it? 


It is a force that kicks in when you combine all the right elements, and it can work to keep you where you are, or it can help you achieve success beyond your wildest imagination. Here is how it works. There is a physical law that states that objects at rest want to stay at rest and objects in motion will remain in motion unless something acts to change it. 


How does this apply to being a successful business person? Well if you aren’t doing any daily actions like prospecting for new clients, increasing your sphere of influence, writing blog posts or branding yourself then momentum kicks in to keep you there. However if you are out there doing what you need to do, then momentum kicks in to keep you moving and helps you to get there faster. 


The thing about momentum is that it likes consistency so the more that you do or don’t do something the more that it likes it and the harder it gets to change to the other side. Momentum also rewards small actions done over a long period of time. 


If you haven’t been working your business lately, it is going to be hard to start at first because momentum wants to keep you there. You are going to have to put in a lot of effort to get things moving. Those first few times that you try to talk to someone or create a new article for LinkedIn will probably feel like lead weights around legs trying to hold you down. If you keep going and just do it and do it consistently, it will get easier and easier, and you will start to get more results. 


The cool thing about momentum in our business is that as you start to grow, you are not just leveraging your own momentum, but also the momentum of your clients. Success breeds more success. When you help your clients reach and achieve their goals, and you do it in such a way that they can’t forget you, they will tell others, and out of the blue, you will have people calling you wanting to work with you. Momentum and referrals hang out together, and when you are friends with one, the other comes, and hangs around too! 


I want to encourage you to make a new friend today, get to know momentum, see what he can do for you and how you can become best friends. It is worth it.